Sunday, March 2, 2014

It's the Oscars!

And my money is on Matthew McConaughey on account of his movie being set in Texas. Go Texas Windsurfing! Yee haww!!! Really fun session today at Bird on 5.6 with Brian. It was good to see Philip back in Corpus, he rips. And also to see Alissa at Bird. She recently ran 50 miles in 8 hours, which is insane.

I made quite a few spocks today, time to start trying other stuff?! Probably...

I'm media-less from the weekend and Wednesdays Port A sesh on 4.4 and my pretty new Goya. However, I was trawling through my computer and found a clip of a loop attempt at East Beach from 9 years ago!! Might as well stick it up:


  1. Noel - Yes, no, maybe. Need a few more sessions on it.