Sunday, September 6, 2015

Winner to Wavesailor

"Woah, you brought the kids?" was a common sentiment on our August trip to solosports Punta San Carlos. In the middle of nowhere, no electronics and not a whole lot to do except play in the waves, relax and eat great food. You can see why. But we had a blast!

Flying into the campo was pretty exciting.

The airplane

Take Off!!
 We all enjoyed lots of water time.
Post-Sesh Shakas
And there was plenty of things to keep the boys entertained. Climbing around on the cliffs, swimming across to the bird poo island, boogy boarding, foosball, chasing scorpions. Plus being able to eat and drink as much candy and soda as they wanted, albeit when we weren't watching.

Joey showing the boys the ropes
It was warm-up week for Jem Halls clinic and I was really impressed both with Jems coaching style and clear passion for his job and the standard of his 'students'. Everyone was tacking onto waves, cranking nice turns with a bunch of them busting forward loops. Here is a nice short from Clive Boden: 

If you watched that till the end you will have seen me trying a ponch/goiter. Unfortunately, as I landed my front foot came out the strap, the back one stayed in and twisted HARD. It was rather painful and resulted in me spending the rest of the week with my bloated foot in the air. The diagnosis once back in Houston: fractured bone and sprained ligaments. Worth it though I reckon.

Welcome to 6-8 weeks in a boot

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Perfect Packery

Short clip from fun Memorial weekend Packery session. Excuse the quality, new camcorder needs adding to the 'buy one day' list...

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Memorial Recap

Long weekend! Wind! Waves! Forecast rain! Surprise sun! Steered well clear of the bay under threat of catapulting open mouthed into poop. Imagine that, poop in the mouth! Ewwwwwwww.

3 days straight at Packery. Unprecedented. Sunday was the best direction but Monday was oozing fun-ness. We got some iphone clips and might try to make a video. Bird was good too with a bunch of people out. We pulled up Monday to see Brian Miller busting a perfect clew first spock 540 in front of the cheering crowds. Unfortunately we didn't get it on video but here is one of Randy doing a regular one-one handed:

 Jack was ripping too:

It did finally rain, a lot! But with only 10 miles to home we made it back safely. Julie took this photo from the end of our street: