Sunday, October 21, 2012

Windsurfing Fitness

Quick 6.0 session at Toxic City yesterday. I'm really in need of a good wave sesh though.

What I love about windsurfing is that anyone can do it. That said, it isn't always injury free. My triceps, wrists, back, ankle, feet (plantar something or other), biceps and shoulders have all suffered over the last ten years (Wow! Time flies when you are having fun windsurfing!!). Some chronic, some fleeting.

Last year, after breaking a rib and a good stint off the water, I decided that some of my issues may be due to inadequate fitness. So, I decided to try to improve my windsurfing fitness. My goals were to reduce the chance of injury by increasing flexibility and sorting out my muscle imbalance and hopefully increase stamina so that I could sail for even longer. As there were no windsurfing specific routines out there I decided to give P90X a shot.

You probably won't look like Tony at the end...
You're probably thinking "P90X?! Isn't that just a bunch of gimmicky marketing hype?" Not quite. What I discovered was an extremely well conceived work out program that met my windsurfing fitness needs perfectly. There are 3 days a week of resistance training, which focus on all muscle groups reducing the muscle imbalance that windsurfing can cause. One day of yoga and one day of stretching really helps with flexibility and recovery. Then 2 days of cardio training work endurance and speed.

Since doing P90X, my chronic shoulder problems have practically cleared up. I feel lighter on my feet, which is great for tacks and freestyle and I no longer almost hurl after a 60 second down the line session at Port A like the one at the end of this video:

So, if you are looking to improve your windsurfing and maximize your time on the water. Improving your fitness can really help, and P90X appears to have been designed for windsurfers.


  1. As Tony says: change is good.
    So, I mix P90X with Insanity. So good. Thanks Mike for bringing these crazy programs in my windsurfing training. Just wish I could sail the waves in Texas... Maybe for my next trip.
    October is nice and windy in New Jersey.
    Take care.

  2. Noel mate, you are just too fit! Insanity kills me.